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About MedCorner

MedCorner is part of the United States Sailboat Show, organized by the Annapolis Boat Show, which is the biggest and oldest sailboat show in the US. Today, close to 130,000 loyal attendees around the world travel to the Chesapeake Bay each year to experience these nautical extravaganzas and charter companies from all around the world exhibit there as a part in Vacation Basin area. With the MedCorner, fleet operators from the Mediterranean can present their fleets to US clients and make direct bookings. The MedCorner tent is a unique opportunity for visitors to educate themselves about sailing the Mediterranean areas, as fleet operators hold presentations each day at the boat show. Today, the Mediterranean Corner is the largest exhibiting fleet operator tent at the USSS. 

Collect contacts directly from thousands of visitors

Even though our efforts are long-term oriented, the first 2016 Mediterranean Corner has produced unexpected direct sales. Despite Hurricane Mathew, more than 1,500 visitors visited the MedCorner tent in 5 days, and 20 presentations of the Mediterranean sailing areas were held. We closed with over 1,000 email contacts and an overall very positive public impression. In the first year, we achieved high awareness about the Mediterranean yacht charter operators. In the following years, the Mediterranean Corner has been visited by many more visitors. The third Mediterranean Corner has collected more than 1,200 direct contacts, made many more direct bookings and held more than 25 presetations! Each year the growth is more visible and sailing the Mediterranean has become much closed to the US public.

Reach US investors

This is a well-timed opportunity to start a cooperation with US investors as the USD/EUR ratio is highly favorable and many are thinking about yacht investment. According to statistics, half of the Annapolis Boat Show visitors earn between $100.000 and $200.000 annually, while another 20% is between $250,000 and $1,000,000; a demographic which most boat shows can only dream about.

Maximize visibility in sailing area corners

Fleet operators from Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and all other Mediterranean destinations are welcome to apply and participate at the major charter show in the USA as a part of MedCorner. The MedCorner will be divided into various sailing area regions! The ICE team will organize the exhibiting area (furniture setup, print of graphics and set up, wifi connections, morning transfers…), leaving the exhibitors only to book flights, airport transfers and accommodation. MedCorner will feature the biggest raffle ever seen in Annapolis; more than 10 charter weeks will be set as prizes for visitors who leave their email contacts.

what's the story behind clients in USA?

Direct booking habit

US charter clients have the tendency to book a charter boat directly from fleet operators at a rate of over 95%. Connect with them on spot and make bookings!

The narrow Caribbean market

There are less than 30 Caribbean fleet operators with whom US clients have a loyal relationship. Clients are following their recommendations when opting for Med Charters – Become their partner in Annapolis!  

Rising trend of visiting Europe

Total arrivals from the US towards Europe according to ETC were 30 million in 2017. Statistics shows that 8.2 million were just to the Mediterranean.


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