4 ways to Maximize your Returns

Calculating your companies return on investments is something everyone does before deciding whether it is financially worth it to participate at a boat show or expo. We have mentioned the costs of taking part at the USSS but have not shown you a calculation of the return you will have.

1 – Not only will we show you the possible ROI and show you 4 ways to maximize it, but we will show you the return on experience as well! Let’s lay it out for you, the cost of the booth is €3,600. When thinking about what is included, it definitely pays off.

Our team will COMPLETELY set up the booth for you:

  • Buy and bring all the furniture you need
  • Set up booth with electrical infrastructure and Wi-Fi
  • Provide you with transfers from your accommodation to the USSS every morning
  • Print all your graphic banners and set them up at your booth
  • Insure your booth
  • Promote you as one of our exclusive 10 Mediterranean representatives
  • Advise you on where to sleep, what to do, eat, see etc.
  • Provide you with a contact list of more than 1200 email addresses after the show


2 – Once you arrive, the fun begins and the adrenaline kicks in! The USSS is a B2C event, which is a great place to meet thousands of new clients. Come on, it’s America, who would NOT want to meet new clients and make bookings on the spot?! With past experiences and comments from previous Mediterranean fleet operators participating, a minimum of 2-3 bookings are definitely a viable option. Who’s to say this will not stretch to 4 or 5, or even more? From here on you put on the show, and how you present your company and your fleet determines your success! The bottom line is: with the bookings you make at the show, you WILL cover your initial costs. 

Let’s run some numbers: if you make two bookings of an average value of €3,000, you’ve already covered your cost of taking part at the USSS. If one €4,000 booking is confirmed, you have covered the initial cost and can treat yourself to a fine dinner! We’re kidding, but you see the simple math here. Just one booking will cover the costs of taking part in the USSS but you have to actively present to attract new clients! Wouldn’t you like to be the first to have Americans sail in your beautiful seas with your company?


3 – Within one month after the USSS, you will receive a list of more than 1000 emails that have been collected in the Mediterranean Corner through a raffle program. These emails are too useful not to use. You can send newsletters to them or email them directly, and promote your yachting offers for the next season to keep the offer fresh in prospect’s memory. The list is made up of very high-quality potential customers and you can, subsequently, convert a minimum of 3-5 bookings out of those 1200 contacts.

Let’s say with 3 additional bookings of an average cost of €3,500, you will have earned profits too and thus, will achieve positive returns on investments. Then you can treat yourself and your team to many fine dinners and shopping trips in America!


4 – Build loyalty – it’s worth keeping in mind that the bookings you make as a result of participating at the USSS are not necessarily a one-time thing! A happy customer is a loyal customer and you ensure not only a return of investment but a potential return of the customer too! This might already be the next season or maybe your clients through the use of social media and friendly recommendations can attract completely new contacts and opportunities for you!


So, to conclude, taking part and being open to meeting a new market is the most important step. The bookings and profits will follow, and you will have experienced something rare and new! Making a few bookings this year will result in more bookings the following years too.


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