Marketing workshops

Dear ICE participants,

On the 1st and 2nd day of the expo you will have possibility to attend two interesting and useful workshops related to TIPS & TRICKS IN MARKETING AND SALES.

Our guest speaker is Kristijan Parać, – COO at EMG Network and advisor to companies in marketing and sales activities with 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, in trading companies, media houses, mobile solution providers and advertising networks.

Friday workshop with the topic B2B Target Audience: Charters and Suppliers will focus on following questions:

  • What is important in the B2B, building relationships or selling prices and discounts?
  • Are you focused on selling with a price war strategy?
  • Are you focused on short-term survival tactic or a strategy for long-term, sustainable growth?
  • Are you focused on helping your partners to improve their performance and succeed?
  • Are you providing 4 key elements for customer engagement; Confidence, Integrity, Pride and Passion?

On Saturday’s B2C workshop our guest speaker will reveal How to sell your story:

  • What is sales and what it means to sell something to someone?
  • How are you different from the others?
  • When selling really starts?
  • Sales and Marketing – what is more important?
  • Marketing and Advertising – is it the same?
  • Who is your target audience and how to reach them?
  • What, How, Where and When to communicate with target audience?
  • Do you want to use Google or you want to be used by Google?

In his career Kristijan Parać was holding position as a marketing manager or sales manager or both for different companies like Gruppo 2P (Italy), Oglasnik Media Group (Croatia), IDB Group (Germany) and others.

During his career he has been involved in the campaigns on the Croatian market for global brands such as Allianz, Apple, Citroen, Coca-Cola, Dell, Gillette, HBO, HP, Nestle, Nissan, Renault, Sony, VW and many more, and also for local companies and brands like Atlas, Belupo, Bnet, Croatian lottery, Croatian post, Evo TV, Franck, Gavrilović, JGL, Konzum, LRH Remisens, Oktal Pharma, Podravka, Vipnet, Tele2, Tomato and so on.

ICE brings you a lot of fun and educative workshops related to yacht-charter industry issues.

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