Regatta Corner on ICE’17

Has sailing turned into work?
Sure, we go sailing every once in a while, but if you have ever done some racing you will agree that it is indefinitely more rewarding.
Professional regattas are not quite accessible for the most of us. Charter regattas, on the other hand, represent a balanced fusion of relaxation, networking, enjoying the wind and the infinite azure! Let’s not forget that all mentioned is traditionally accompanied with exquisite food, drinks, and good company.

This being said, we noticed the need of regatta organizers to present their upcoming events and inform interested participants on time.
This year, ICE’17 will feature the Regatta Corner – a presentation & meeting point where existing and future regatta lovers will find the when and where.
And the how much, of course.

We have noticed that there is not enough space to advertise charter regattas on fleet operator booths.
Being that some fleets organize great events we figured it would be a shame not to present those on ICE’17.
All participating charter fleets can present their regatta events in the Regatta corner free of charge.

The presentation area does not have to be manned; required are only videos and brochures. An ICE hostess will be at the booth to provide additional information and show interested brokers to the respective fleet operator booths.
The graphic background will feature the outlines of the events like location, dates, organizer, cost etc. Brokers who are interested in these events will leave their contact info or look up the fleet operator on their booth.

An opportunity for the fleets to familiarize the brokers with the off-season regatta offer.
We are excited to introduce the Regatta Corner in November and looking forward to all of your regatta events, worldwide.


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