Presentation Rooms for ICE Exhibitors

Present your company to an international yachting audience

Presentation Rooms for ICE Exhibitors

This year on twICE’16 all exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their services to other ICE participants from around the globe. Fully equipped presentation rooms will be available to all exhibitors willing to share information about their products, destinations and yachts, with a possibility to promote on a video screeen and share their promo material.

The 15 fastest charter exhibitors who register 4 international charter brokers with their unique promo code can book a presentation room free of charge. Exhibitors on PREMIUM booths can have one available time slot for free!

All ICE participants/exhibitors can fill out a form through our Presentation Room Reservation Form
to assure a presentation slot during any day of our expo.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most out of your ICE experiene!

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