This is OUR Story

Tino Prosenik


From the moment I stumbled into this industry 16 years ago, I realized it was an interesting one. I liked sailing and boats, I guess. But only once I started doing ICE, only then I discovered the people. The people... They're the really interesting part. In the years of ICE I've gotten to know people from around the world; it enriched my life and my view of this industry. Running ICE together with my amazing young team is as rewarding as a job can ever be.

Lorena Kramarić

Supplier Coordinator 

Communication with suppliers gave me an accurate perception of how well connected the entire yacht charter industry is. Negotiating, doing business in such a relaxed atmosphere and watching our clients enjoy it, is year by year wind in our sails to be better and remain authentic.

Miroslav Dubić

Tech & IT

Technical realization of all segments before, during and after the expo require healthy communication of the whole team. Managing that plus working on expo visual identity and graphical solutions for exhibitors in B2B environment makes this job one of a kind.

Tamara Neferanović

Charter Coordinator

 While working on ICE I realized how important is to create healthy and positive working environment through all of your projects. Positive atmosphere is crucial "in those stressful and late working hours in the office"! This way whole team is well motivated, focused and gives the best they can do.

Silvia Vlakančić

Broker Coordinator

Being part of the ICE team gave me an insight into the importance of B2B events in the yachting charter industry. Our expo gathers a respectful number of professionals and it's a great pleasure to work with them and give them the opportunity to present their companies.


The company Jadranski skiperi Ltd. was the founder of the national charter expo DHC 2013 and DHC 2014 witch later turned into the world's biggest yacht charter event - International Charter Expo.