Case studies

Return on Investment and Experience

Return on Investments with the GOLD package! Get a lot and spend a little for 2020.

GREECE: let's book for 2020.

GREECE: Early bookings are dropping. By expanding to the USA, you can increase your early bookings for 2020. 


CROATIA: let’s get ready for 2020.

CROATIA: There is a rise in US bookings, let’s keep the trend positive and start your 2020 bookings on time!

Why explore new markets?

Find out why your charter company should start to explore new markets and get new bookings.

New markets

USSS in a nutshell

All the important things in the USSS nutshell… from statistics, business opportunities, videos, golden anniversaries.

USSS in a nutshell

Booked and reserved everything?

To get to Annapolis and stay there you need to book everything pretty soon! Use our guide to reserve everything on time.

TOP 5 things to do and see

Annapolis is not just a small cute town in East America. There is a lot you can do, see and try in Annapolis and it’s surroundings!

Visitor Demographics

Annapolis and the region have many high earning citizens who are more than ready to sail in Europe for their holidays. 

American Market Analysis

Statistics showing why Americans are the right customers to target in October, and why America is a MUST to enter. 

Annapolis vs. Dusseldorf

Find out why the United States Sailboat Show is the new BOOT DusseldorfBe a part of the new MAIN event this October.


Statistics show that Europe is the no.1 destination for oversea travels where millions of US tourists visit Europe per year.