When we speak about the boat show in Annapolis, we couldn’t calculate the exact profit before deciding to go with it. It was only a matter of making that step. I have decided to exhibit in the USA strictly from a business perspective even though some of the exhibitors wanted to visit the USA as tourists as well. As a team of three and with all having calculated all costs, in the first year we ended up in a small minus. We had direct bookings, but we didn’t cover all the costs regarding travel and booth expenses. In the second year, we had a significant positive result and exhibiting at the Mediterranean Corner already paid off. I am now truly loyal and participating at the United States Sailboat Show for me is no longer questionable.

Adriatic Sailing, Croatia

We exhibited at the Mediterranean Corner as a part of the United States Sailboat Show two times. In the first year, there was surprisingly a lot of people visiting our tent out of curiosity, but the second year proved that visitors came to visit the Mediterranean Corner because of certain interest of chartering in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. In the second year, we had a significant increase in the number of inquiries, so it is worth investing in the participation. Organization of the MedCorner was great, our organizers did well with designing the exhibition area in order for visitors to feel welcome. Also, I would like to compliment the organizers for taking care of us exhibitors, to manage to get along in a completely new surrounding

Waypoint, Croatia

The experience was really interesting and the organization was really good. The space we had and the organization made it possible for each company inside the Med Corner to have the same space. The boat show was really good, it makes you think of the Cannes boat show where you can go around visiting the boat in the water.

Sailing Race & Service, Italy