ICE - this year twICE!

This year, ICE is going to held twICE! Save the date!

ICE – this year twICE!

This year, ICE is going to held twICE! 

Save the date!
★ 4th – 6th November 2016 ★
Same place; Zagreb Arena

We already have 40 pre-registered exhibitors for twICE, that signed the contracts on ICE’16!

For all those who missed the pre-registration, official registration starts on August 15th 2016!

*Check the list of pre-registered companies:
Aladar Sail
Adria Sail Charter
Adria Yachting
Adriatic Charter
Adriatic Sailing
Angelina Yachtcharter
Athenian Yachts
Candor Charter
Croatia Yacht Club
Croatia Yachting
DMS Sailing
Euromarine Charter
Fyly Charter
Gulet Fortuna
Ioinion Sails
Istion Yachting
Jadranka Yachting
Kiriacoulis Mediterranean
Kroki Charter
Master Charter
Master Yachting Overblue
MG Yachts
MH Charter
More Charter
Navigare Yachting
Navigo Yacht Charter
Noa Yachting
Odisej Yachting
Opensea Yachting
Sailing Europe
Sailing Race Service
Sailmarine Yachtcharter Sweden
Sanda Yachting
SunLife Charter
Vila Vergade
Waypoint Yacht Charter
Yelkenli Yachting
Yildiz Yachting

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