United States Sailboat Show in a nutshell

We all know that the USSS is the biggest and most popular in-water boat show in the US and it has been since 1970. It has been growing for the past 50 years and today it is the place to be when talking about the sailing market in the USA.

To introduce you to the US boat shows, here is the first thing you need to know: Annapolis boat shows consist of 4 different shows – where the United States Sailboat is the most known and most influential. More than 130,000 visitors drop by each year, and each year has been better and bigger than the one before.

Imagine going to a new continent and having the chance to meet thousands of interesting visitors, who are completely different than the ones in your home country. Going to the USSS is not only about the number of visitors, but the type of visitors that are there. Their lifestyles are different than in Europe, their financial wealth, their sailing behaviours. All of this can be read about in the visitor profile case study. They are the customers you should strive to have on your charter weeks.

Let’s look at this from a business perspective. Yes the USSS is a B2C show, where you meet direct customers, make bookings, collect many potential contacts, but you can also arrange B2B meetings. The USSS gathers many shipyards, agents, tourist agencies, journalists, and other fleet operators from the Caribbean, Asia, USA, other parts of Europe etc. You can take this time to expand your network, make new connections, grow your business. Meeting journalists and introducing them to your sailing areas, meeting shipyards and buying new boats, meeting fleet operators and making some kind of partnerships. The options are limitless.

This year, in 2019, the United States Sailboat Show will celebrate their 50 years. This is their golden anniversary! We cannot even begin to explain what is expecting everyone at the show. More visitors, more entertainment, more bookings, more business, more of everything. Let’s look at this from a PR perspective, being a part of the 50th USSS is also something that can help your brand grow. You can brag about it (if needed), you can show off, and you can maximize this to your advantage. By going to the USSS, you can meet thousands of the people who are interested in sailing and spending their holidays in Europe, you can make the bookings you need, and also be a part of sailing history.

Let’s go back to the USSS itself – as it is located in a cute and small town called Annapolis, the USSS is the HIGHLIGHT of their year! Everything revolves around the show, the whole community is a part of this large project, and everyone is in such a good mood. The town gets together, set up the floating docks, they build the tents and prepare every single detail, to make the show a success.

You must check out this video to get a look at what is done in a small town to make the biggest in-water sailboat show. The process is quite impressive! And all of it is for international visitors and exhibitors.

This year, as it will be 50 years of the USSS, it will be celebrated properly. More visitors, more exhibitors, more nationalities and many more business opportunities. The United States Sailboat Show is one to put in your calendar today!

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