ROI with Gold Package

1 – Price per company of the new GOLD package is €1990.

Our team will COMPLETELY set up the MedCorner tent:

  • Bring and set up all the furniture you need
  • Set up MedCorner tent with electrical infrastructure and Wi-Fi
  • Provide your representatives with morning transfers from your accommodation to the USSS
  • Print all your graphic banners and set them up
  • Promote you as one of our exclusive Mediterranean representatives online and on handed out 1000+ leaflets 
  • Video presentations on TV in auditorium
  • Provide you with a contact list of more than 1000 email addresses after the show

2 – With past experiences and comments from previous Mediterranean fleet operators participating, a minimum of 2-5 high quiality bookings are definitely a viable option. With the bookings you make at the show, you WILL cover your expenses and cover travel costs too

3 – After the USSS, you will receive a list of more than 1000 emails that have been collected in the Mediterranean Corner through a raffle program. You can send newsletters or email potencial clients directly, and promote your yachting offers for 2020. The list is made up of very high-quality potential customers which can convert to a minimum of 3-5 new bookings.

4 – Build loyalty – the bookings you make as a result of participating at the USSS are not a one-time thing! A happy customer is a loyal customer and you ensure not only a return of investment but a potential return of the customer! Word of mouth is also very influential! 

To conclude, you spend €1990, and get a lot more in return!

Taking part and being open to meeting a new market is the most important step. Making a few bookings this year will result in more bookings the following years too.


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