Millions of tourists

Do you know how many US tourists visited Europe last year, and how many of them spent their time sailing in the Mediterranean?

Statistics show that 14.7 million of US citizens traveled abroad to Europe last year for various reasons and 7.8 million trips were made to Southern and Mediterranean Europe. Tourists come to Europe to explore the romantic cities such as Paris, Milano and Venice, or to try wine in Italy or Spain, however many come to Europe to explore small and unexplored island, beaches, and historic cities using various kinds of yachts. The yacht charter industry has been growing since 2012 and it is expected to grow in the future too.

As statistics do not yet tell us exactly what the number is, we can tell you from experience that there are many US tourists who come to countries like Croatia, Greece, Italy and Turkey, who want to sail. However, there could be a lot more!





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