Shipyards about to launch new yacht models

The sailing season is about to finish, thus opening possibilities for new investments, business relationships, and re-negotiating. The time is perfect for shipyards to launch new models and for charter companies to find out about them and invest. We are presenting what Dufour Yachts, Hanse Yachts, and More Boats are promoting right now on boat shows around the world. Using our Pitch&Match tool for arranging meetings, you can easily reach them and make appointments for ICE’17.

DUFOUR YACHTS Dufour new D520 sailboat

After the huge success of 56 and 63 Exclusive, the Dufour yard consolidates his active position on the market with an average of two new models launched per year. The architect Umberto Felci and Dufour product team have many great surprises in store to come with this Dufour 520 Grand Large millésime.

“We wanted to develop and enrich the fundamentals of a sailing yacht: functionality, comfort, and security”. (Salvatore Serio, Chairman & CEO of Dufour Yachts)
Dufour took a major step in the development of their sail yachts – the 520 Grand Large is destined for great success.


The four new Hanse yachts signal a new era of the brand and pave the way into the future.
The new Hanse 348, The new Hanse 388, The new Hanse 418 and The new Hanse 548.
New Hanse YachtsHanse’s claim: Faster, more convenient, more luxurious and even easier to use. Fire, water, air, earth – Hanse is at one with the elements
Big designs are always the result of bigger visions. The four yachts Hanse has developed are based on the four elements from ancient Greece and are perfectly designed to cope with the elements at sea.

All press manuals and images of the individual yachts are now available on the HanseYachts press site. Discover the impressive Sail plans and design concepts, which will soon be seen on the water.


MoreBoatsWho says you can not have the best of both worlds?
Who says you can not have sailing performances and comfort?
Who says you can not have safety and nice design?
All in one boat? Yes, all in MORE BOAT!

Besides the stylish and luxurious MORE 55, More Boats present you their new baby, fast and furious MORE 40. Besides the speed, this boat will blow your mind with a comfort it offers. Combination of Italian design, Croatian shipbuilding tradition, and Swedish ocean racing knowledge, guarantees that you will have experience of a life time.



This new boat is the perfect compromise between the emblematic 450 model and the 52.
It offers an attractive option to navigators in search of a large “seaworthy and Lagoon logo iCEmodern” owner’s boat. With her new visual identity, rigging and hull design, Lagoon 50 provides increased performance, comprising a unique brand signature.

Indeed, the 50’s elegance seduces thanks to the beveled shape of her hulls, generous volumes and panoramic views, more than ever enhanced. With unparalleled accommodation possibilities, this new Lagoon model is available in three, four or even… six cabins!



The world is rich with extraordinary destinations. The Jeanneau 51 was created to take you there.
Jeanneau-logoThe Jeanneau 51 benefits from the latest innovations that have made Jeanneau Yachts so successful: unequaled level of finish, unrivaled quality of life aboard and maximum ease of handling.
Inspired by the Jeanneau 54, this new model was designed by naval architect, Philippe Briand and designer, Andrew Winch. Living spaces have been carefully studied, with meticulous attention to detail and the use of fine materials, to contribute to an excellent cruising experience and a luxurious lifestyle on board.




The Oceanis 51.1 launches the new generation of Oceanises, with taut lines, a new stepped hull and well organized deck plan.
This 51-foot cruiser is elegant, cleverly-designed, incredibly comfortable and fast. She is a joy to sail on with friends and offers improved performance. Your Oceanis 51.1 can now look the way you want, with lots of new customizations and different 700 combinations.


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