While both shows (Mediterranean Corner at USSS and Boot Dusseldorf) have their own well-known importance in the yacht charter industry, they still slightly differ from each other. 

This is why every Mediterranean Charter should consider exhibiting as a part of the Mediterranean Corner at the USSS in Annapolis, MD;

1. Cost of visiting these two boat shows is wrongly perceived – USSS Annapolis is actually cheaper. How come? When you sum up hotel cost, flights and living expenses that charters need to pay for 9 days (not including setting up) of Boot total cost equals as a total cost of 5 days in Annapolis at USSS.

2. Same applies when comparing a total number of visitors during both Boat shows; Boot Dusseldorf with 10 days and an average of 230,000 visitors vs. USSS Annapolis with 5 days and over 100,000 visitors.

3. While Boot Dusseldorf is the world’s largest indoor boat show, USSS Annapolis is recognized as the largest, most prestigious, and oldest in-water sailboat show in the world. Both have strong charter content; what hall 13 is to the Boot, Vacation basin is to USSS.

4. Boot Dusseldorf is in-doors while USSS Annapolis is set in the Chesapeake Bay, more like Cannes than any other, with charming sunsets and great atmosphere, rather than expo halls.

While both shows cater to a market of similar size, USSS has following advantages that will make you visit Annapolis immediately:

Firstly, every year European charters in the Mediterranean Corner make more and more direct bookings since the US is almost direct-client oriented market. Every exhibitor collects more than 1,000 direct contacts.

Secondly, the US is a completely new market with endless opportunities to explore. Presenting your fleets to new markets and investors could be the turnaround in every charter business.

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